Who are
Providence Asset Group?

Innovation driven investment firm

We are an innovation driven investment firm, investing in and managing multiple assets in renewable energy, venture capital, clean technology and eco-friendly real estate.


We invest by following a patient and disciplined investment approach. Our projects and funds are purposefully chosen to drive long-term societal value and attractive returns for our fund investors.

Our Vision

Our Vision

With a focus on investment in the “green city life” concept, we are committed to investing in and developing clean and cost-effective renewable technologies. We collaborate with research institutions as well as world-leading industry partners and professional teams to open up the entire chain of investment, design, construction and project asset management in renewable energy areas.

Our Vision
Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We invest on behalf of our clients, therefore our success is aligned to the success of our clients. Our investors and business partners benefit from our multidisciplinary team, who deliver investment acquisition and management of assets in targeted sectors. We have a strong focus on long term sustainable returns adopting a proactive approach to risk identification, mitigation and management.


Our vision and strategy is centralised around socially responsible investing (SRI) within an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework. Providence has developed an ethical investment policy, kept under regular review, to ensure that our values are reflected in the investments that we make and our involvements within the community.

Ethical investment policy ESG monitoring Investment approach, stewardship and governance

Members of Providence Asset Group

As part of Providence Asset Group, H2Store aims to revolutionise the energy industry by developing a low pressure, intrinsically safe, non-toxic hydrogen hydride storage products. The hydride storage increases the volume density of hydrogen, to allow for a cost-effective means of bulk transportation to end users and export markets.

These innovative storage products will enable Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems (HESS), equivalent to chemical batteries, for the storage of renewable energy and creating dispatchable power generation that will  ultimately benefit grid stability. Analysis to date indicates that the H2STORE products are already comparable to competitive chemical battery storage technologies.

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As part of Providence Asset Group, Efficacy Advisors is a key in-house engineering and project management firm, it provides key expertise and leadership in:

  • Energy efficiency & Renewables
  • Project, Change & Contract Management
  • Business Systems & Process Improvement
  • Automation, Robotics and Drones
  • Direct Sourcing & Importing