Bringing the power of hydrogen to homes is a step closer

15 July, 2020

15 July, 2020

Below content from GHD Newsroom.  (Image: LAVO residential unit)

GHD is providing product development support for the world’s first household hydrogen energy storage system, known as LAVOTM, being developed by investment firm Providence Asset Group and the Hydrogen Energy Research Centre at the University of NSW.

The LAVO system uses innovative, patented metal hydride technology to store hydrogen equivalent to up to 60kWh electricity, which is enough to power an average household for approximately three days. The LAVO brand honours Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry who identified and named hydrogen.

Dr Tej Gidda, GHD’s Global Future Energy Business Leader, says, “This system is a really interesting step forward in the energy transition and we’re proud to be working with such dedicated innovators in the field.

“Now more than ever, we have an incredible opportunity to partner with clients, researchers and product developers to develop technologies that bring cleaner energy choices to residential consumers.”

Greg Bowyer, GHD’s Project Director says, “Building on our previous renewable energy projects with Providence Asset Group, LAVO is the next step in aggressively transforming the future of energy for our communities. We are proud to bring GHD’s Australian and global hydrogen leadership together with our integrated future energy solution to this project

“Our future energy work now spans the full spectrum of green hydrogen solutions – from industrial magnitude plants to household-scale applications like LAVO.”

According to Henry Sun, CEO Providence Asset Group: “The timing is right for hydrogen as the cost of renewables has fallen quicker than predicted and there is unprecedented political support for this emerging industry.

“We aim to start LAVO production in 2021 to accelerate the clean energy transition in Australia and globally.”