The CRC-P is a federal government grant scheme providing industry-led collaborations with short term matched funding of up to $3 million to develop important new technologies, products and services.

Key technology innovations in this CRC-P initiative are being driven by Providence Asset Group with support from UNSW, UTS, CSIRO and other industry leading partners.

This project aims to solve energy problems of today and facilitate a transition towards a sustainable, reliable, secure and cost-effective future in energy. The primary areas of focus are:

  • Delivery of a truly sustainable and dispatchable energy integration solution
  • Development a cutting-edge AI-based asset management software
  • Accelerated commercialisation of new hydrogen technologies. The use of hydrogen technology to store renewable energy in this way will be a world first and will allow for Australia to own a large share of the global hydrogen market.

This multi-disciplined solution provides a unique opportunity to position Australia as a leader in solar technology. The core IP, potential patents, system design, control systems and related elements will be manufactured and owned in Australia.

We will train students and young researchers to upskill industry knowledge. We will also share the research findings with the community and the outcomes will be applicable to all solar farms throughout Australia.

The value of the Project is expected to far exceed the CRC-P’s investment. Its research program aims to harness the potential of energy storage integrated solar generation to:

  • Improve the security of energy supply
  • Alleviate intermittency in the electricity grid
  • Support higher penetration of solar energy
  • Address energy affordability issues
  • Reduce carbon emissions, helping Australia meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement
  • Improve the economic efficiency of the country’s energy sector.