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Our collaboration with leading international research institutions, industry partners and government drives optimisation across the entire value chain of “green energy” design, production and asset management to deliver sustainable economic, environmental and social returns.

Our collaboration with leading international research institutions, industry partners and government drives optimisation across the entire value chain of “green energy” design, production and asset management to deliver sustainable economic, environmental and social returns.

We have invested in the forward-thinking company, H2Store who are developing advanced hydrogen technology to store renewable energy.

The use of hydrogen technology to store renewable energy is a world first. According to Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, the time for hydrogen has arrived. Japan has committed to being a long-term, large-scale customer for hydrogen; a market expected to be worth $12 billion. Similar demand is also likely from South Korea and China.

We aim to revolutionise the energy industry by developing low pressure, intrinsically safe, non-toxic hydrogen storage products. This technology increases the volume density of hydrogen, allowing for cost-effective bulk transportation to end users and export markets.

Our vision is to be the first to market with commercial hydrogen storage solutions.

The creation of dispatchable Hydrogen Energy power will ultimately benefit grid stability. Analysis to date indicates that our future products are already comparable to competitive chemical battery storage technologies.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we will complete a series of prototypes and undertake a range of demonstration projects, both in Australia and globally. We aim to demonstrate the potential of these hydrogen storage systems to mobilise renewable energy and create a hydrogen economy. As we develop prototypes we will work with strategic industry partners to establish a manufacturing facility for commercialisation by the end of 2020.

Hydrogen Energy
Research Centre

UNSW and Providence Asset Group have announced a new ten-year joint research and collaboration initiative. This joint venture will invest in the development of sustainable technologies to meet the ever-increasing demand for clean energy.

The centerpiece of the collaboration is a Hydrogen Energy Research Centre (HERC). This world class research centre will be based at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The new centre (HERC) aims to transform the renewable energy industry by developing innovative energy solutions in more efficient and cost effective ways. It will promote the transition of traditional energy to environmentally clean energy in light of urgent national and global priorities to secure low-cost energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking full advantage of the talents, technologies and resources of our partners, we aim to build a multi-disciplinary, world-class research industry based on energy policy and renewable energy technology. As well as this we will assemble an internationally competitive, high level, practical and technical training base.

We will undergo in-depth & extensive research and development in the following key areas:

Improved Battery Storage Technologies

High energy and safer tools ranging from batteries to high energy density supercapacitors for transport and defence applications.

Novel and Improved fuel cell and hydrogen storage technologies

Efficient and low-cost proton exchange membrane fuel cells to convert hydrogen or chemicals directly into electrical energy.

Commercial methods to convert surplus electricity into usable gas

Electrolysing water to create hydrogen, using non-platinum materials, at low cost and high efficiency, converting waste CO2 into syngas.

Virtual energy storage

Designing a new cost-effective and reliable virtual energy storage system.

Monitoring, controlled integrating and optimising of energy storage

Advanced battery monitoring and charge/discharge algorithms, an progressive system that promotes improved processes and applications.

Smart Future
Research Centre

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Providence Asset Group have signed a 5 year partnership agreement to launch a co-branded research and innovation centre within the Faculty of Engineering & IT.

The Smart Future Research Centre is a multi-disciplinary, centre advancing data science and AI solutions to drive sustainable innovations for climate change and renewable energy to build smart cities and healthy communities.

The Smart Future Research Centre will focus on:

Smart Energy

Optimising the renewable energy sector to become the core sore of energy production to deliver more affordable, reliable and sustainable supply.

Smart Water

Enhancing the quality, production, storage and usage of water to support regional towns and cities adapt to changing climatic conditions.

Smart Food

Improving the production, quality and transportation of Australian agriculture to deliver sustainable increases for domestic and international markets.

Smart Living

Development of IoT enabled devices to mitigate the impacts of disease, improve treatments and promote healthy lifestyles.

Smart City

Integrating social, environmental and economic activities and trends to optimise the planning and operations of cities.

CRC-P Initiatives

The CRC-P is a federal government grant scheme providing industry-led collaborations with short term matched funding of up to $3 million to develop important new technologies, products and services.

Key technology innovations in this CRC-P initiative are being driven by Providence Asset Group with support from UNSW, UTS, CSIRO and other industry leading partners.

This project aims to solve energy problems of today and facilitate a transition towards a sustainable, reliable, secure and cost-effective future in energy. The primary areas of focus are:

This multi-disciplined solution provides a unique opportunity to position Australia as a leader in solar technology. The core IP, potential patents, system design, control systems and related elements will be manufactured and owned in Australia.

We will train students and young researchers to upskill industry knowledge. We will also share the research findings with the community and the outcomes will be applicable to all solar farms throughout Australia.

The value of the Project is expected to far exceed the CRC-P’s investment. Its research program aims to harness the potential of energy storage integrated solar generation to:

Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) was ahead of the game when it became the first area in Australia to implement electric street lights in 1888, earning it the name the “First Town of Lights”. Continuing to innovate, this council’s strategies and services strive to deliver its vision of Tamworth as rural Australia’s most inviting region for residents, investors, workers and visitors.

Based on a shared strategic vision, TRC will engage UNSW to provide an assessment of the Smart City Project feasibility in the Tamworth Region. Providence Asset Group will bring together a consortium of leading Australian organisations with a strong track record of collaboration, research excellence, successful impact in the fields of Smart City design and development and a commitment to investing heavily in R&D. We are looking forward to bringing significant investment to the region throughout 2019 and beyond, ensuring that Tamworth Regional Council secures a project that benefits the council, community and local industry to support the Tamworth Tomorrow vision and strategy.

TRC is one of the biggest councils in inland NSW, with a population of over 58,000 and a prosperous economy based on building, retail, industry, hospitality and agriculture.

Smart City + has a $622bn global market potential*.

Smart City

The Tamworth Smart City Vision will be the first of its kind in Australia and will aim to reshape the regional town’s growth model with improved social, economic, and environmental impact. This venture will have a long-term positive contribution towards the environment and our people, with a key focus on combating climate change.

“Tamworth is a city full of energy, with a history of innovation and drive. This project, with innovation, research and education leaders, enables Council to play an important role to develop Tamworth into a Clever and Smart City with a focus on research and energy sustainability”

– Cr Col Murray Mayor

This forward thinking initiative addresses more than just modern energy concerns, it also addresses transportation, education, health, telecommunication, council planning and more.

UNSW will be working closely with the Tamworth Council, community and industry partners to deliver the project. We will be focused on community benefits including:

*Source: Smart Cities Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016-2026