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Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) was ahead of the game when it became the first area in Australia to implement electric street lights in 1888, earning it the name the “First Town of Lights”. Continuing to innovate, this council’s strategies and services strive to deliver its vision of Tamworth as rural Australia’s most inviting region for residents, investors, workers and visitors.

Based on a shared strategic vision, TRC will engage UNSW to provide an assessment of the Smart City Project feasibility in the Tamworth Region. Providence will bring together a consortium of leading Australian organisations with a strong track record of collaboration, research excellence, successful impact in the fields of Smart City design and development and a commitment to investing heavily in R&D. We are looking forward to bringing significant investment to the region throughout 2019 and beyond, ensuring that Tamworth Regional Council secures a project that benefits the council, community and local industry to support the Tamworth Tomorrow vision and strategy.

TRC is one of the biggest councils in inland NSW, with a population of over 58,000 and a prosperous economy based on building, retail, industry, hospitality and agriculture.

Smart City + has a $622bn global market potential*.

Smart City

The Tamworth Smart City Vision will be the first of its kind in Australia and will aim to reshape the regional town’s growth model with improved social, economic, and environmental impact. This venture will have a long-term positive contribution towards the environment and our people, with a key focus on combating climate change.

“Tamworth is a city full of energy, with a history of innovation and drive. This project, with innovation, research and education leaders, enables Council to play an important role to develop Tamworth into a Clever and Smart City with a focus on research and energy sustainability”

– Cr Col Murray Mayor

This forward thinking initiative addresses more than just modern energy concerns, it also addresses transportation, education, health, telecommunication, council planning and more.

UNSW will be working closely with the Tamworth Council, community and industry partners to deliver the project. We will be focused on community benefits including:

  • Improved local environmental conditions
  • Personnel efficiencies
  • Reduced energy and water consumption and cost
  • Improved visibility of energy consumption and advanced monitoring of grid health, gas and water networks
  • Employment and upskilling opportunities for local contractors, businesses and service industries

*Source: Smart Cities Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016-2026